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How will you feel? when meet with celebrity whom you admired since you knew him/her, whether be of your country or international celebrity think of those goosebumps when they grow outta your skin, think of how nervous you gon’ be what about the reaction you gonna have to take?.

One day my sister Suzzie and I were walking heading to a certain Media House it was the coolest day for sure, warm air and it was a rainy day haha!. So after we passed through main entrance a black car stopped near us, the car stopped very close to us.

We both didn’t know what was going to happen one minute later, we kept laughing and talking to ourselves while facing that black car, suddenly we saw a Tanzanian actress coming out of that black car it was Rose Ndauka!! One among the great actresses i like in my country.

Rose Ndauka, Tanzanian Actress, bussineswoman and a Proudly mother

I suddenly stopped talking i was like how,, ooh wow! i was overwhelmed like i have met with Katy Perry my international musician whom i love deadly, i felt so good meeting her though i never hard a chance to say much to her.

She warmly started to great us ooh!! It was an honor to us we felt so good but w couldn’t say much to her since she was in hurry you know celebrities ain’t like being seen wondering!.

Stunning Celebrities Pics (SCP)


What NOT TO do when you meet your admired celebrity

There are couple of things would advice you not to do whenever you meet your beloved celebrity on the spot and you have overwhelmed…

  1. DON’T touch them without asking, this could be very risky for you especially when the celebrity is walking with bodyguards like Diamond Platnumz, for they will always not allow you touch him/her so they may hurt you when they’re trying to stop you. (this won’t work during festivals or show moments).
  2. DON’T expect them to be so kind as you are, Not everyone is kind, though some are. So the truth is jus be fifty fifty.
  3. DON’T ask them boring questions, whenever you get a chance to talk to the celebrity don’t ask the questions that you exactly know they’re annoying.

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