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Have you ever heard about Magic? or perhaps a Spell, Well i guess most of us have heard from the books, movies and TV Shows.

Well some culture do believe that magic exist while others not, but that won’t stop us from figuring out what is Grimoire as the book of magical spells that was used by the famous young wizard ‘Merlin’ to protect Camelot Kingdom.

Considering it’s meaning we would prefer to say a book of magical spells and invocations, typically includes the instruction on how to create the magical objects like talisman and amulets also how to perform magical spells charms and divinations.


Many sources wrote that the word grimoire is etymologically originates from Old French “grammaire” which is used to refer all books written in Latin language and throughout history has been used with them particularly ceremonial magicians, and cunning folk. this book have also been used in Jamaica.

Consider this..

“This book was given to me when i was your age, but i have a feeling it will be of more use to you than it was to me” Gaius tells Merlin


What does it do?

From the stories of Camelot Kingdom, a Grimoire is a book of magical knowledge kept secretly by sorcerer and physician Gaius that was later given to his apprentice Merlin the great wizard.

It’s not clearly know that how much of the content was developed by Gaius and how much came from other sources for example the book contains the spell capable of bringing life to a dead body or object, which Merlin mastered by bringing to life a statue of a dog.


This book also contains the instruction on how to curing magical diseases, for example Merlin used spells from the book to cure Gwen’s father from the Plague caused by Nimueh.

Grimoire is more useful in giving magical information like doing rituals, and the practices of witchcraft that witches uses during their lifetime

The next post will be on The Book of Shadows as famously been used in Charmed series

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