Images are very strong emotionally, they replace thousands meaningful words i always love to read picture and images meanings sometimes i find those which makes me sad, happy, angrier or whatever.

Today i have decided to bring to you the most powerful images with great meaning that would help you to understand love and humanity, as you read don’t forget to choose one images from the ones i have provided you and give the meaning according. to your thoughts

You’re Welcome.

This Images mean great love, humanity and the power of prayer and belief in One God.

This picture shows the Christians protecting Muslims during the prayers in the midst of 2011 uprising Cairo, Egypt photo by Nevine Zakh

When i first saw this image of heart surgeon who worked 23 hour long, i felt deep sad and sorry for him but later i realized that this is all about self devotion to save one’s life, the commitment that we give to our jobs. “May God repay him”

Heart Surgeon after 23-hour- long (successful) heart transplant his assistant is sleeping at the corner Photo by James Stanfield

A man gives water to the animal (koala) to mean this photo meant care giving, as God says to us that he gave us dominion over everything on earths surface, so we need to take care of his beings too.

A firefighter gives water to koala during the black Saturday bush fires in Victoria, Australia 2009 photo by

The painful memories are the only feelings that makes us cry in agony, it really hurts loosing our beloved ones

A 12 year Brazilian boy Diego Frazao Torquato playing a Violin at his teachers funeral, the teacher helped him escape from poverty and violence through music photo by

I remembered when my father returned from UN Peace keeping Force in Congo he hugged me just like this, he had deep love for me, missing me, and a huge expectations to see me finally he made it

Terri Gurrola is reunited with his Daughter after serving Iraq in 7 months photo by Louie Favorite

This picture of a soldier praying before battle, gives me new meaning which is the power of prayers and belief, probably he is praying to win the battle and he hope so

Russian soldier Preparing for battleof Kursk July 1943 photo by Shirak karaptyan Milshtein

When i firstly saw this picture i hadda to ask myself that if we do not love our sons right now, will they love us when we’re old?. The act of love should be done to everyone despite of ages.

Father and son 1949 vs 2009

Now if you take a deep look withe photos you will probably notice different meaning from mine, i would like you to share with me your ideas.