Inspirational hacks from the great Pan-African entrepreneur and Investor Mohammed Dewji

I hope most of us likes to learn and share life’s motivational hacks, mostly we learn them from the great and successful people usually political leaders businessmen and inventors.

Today early morning with active mind as i was surfing through my IG page i came across the pieces of advice, the wise and beautiful words from my favorite positive thinker, Mohammed Dewji.

This man is the Pan African entrepreneur owning the MeTL Group, The Philanthropist at MoDewji Foundation, The Investor at Simba SC Tanzania and The former Member of the Tanzanian Parliament with an estimated net worth of USD1.9 billion that makes him as the youngest African billionaire, Interesting enough Mohammed Dewji is also the first Tanzanian to cover Forbes Magazines in 2013.

Well, As i was finishing to read them thoroughly, i realized that i have got a new thing added to my mind “a hack key to my life” a key that would newly set my mind to tackle whatever the problem that’s ahead of me.

Actually the inspirational words only gives us a courage to do a thing that we had been dreaming of, also helps us to re-frame the negative thoughts during the tough times and change our attitudes to positive and optimistic life.

Well, i decided to them with you since they are good to read, courageous when you meditate them and succesful when we act upon them.

#Please you may click the photo to see it clearly, Thanks


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