what is audience pyschographic?

Both audience demographic and audience pyschographics lies on the classification of people/audiences depending on various characteristics.

Psychographic simply means the study and classification of people according to their attitude, aspiration and other psychological criteria especially in market research, for along time audiences have been classified basing on their demographic traits.

Psychographics are detailed characteristics of human behaviors for instances these can be psychological tendencies like interest, hobbies, lifestyle and so force, which is contrary to demographic that classifies the audiences according to age, sex and race

what is demographic audience?

Invostopedia defines Demographic as the collection and study of data regarding the general characteristics of the specific population it is usually used as a business marketing tools to determine the best ways to reach customers and asses their behavior.

The demographic factors of audiences includes age, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic groups, levels of education or occupation, group membership and many others

Apart from marketing, audience planning and analysis can also be of a great advantage to the media practitioners because it allows them to identify simple demographics such as age, sex, and geographical location as a result can help them to define their targeted audiences.