Lonely days counts slowly like a fairy tale,
Of a Princess who fell in love with a lost man,
But their love could not last longer,
Because a heart is the most traitorous-thing.

My empress, a King’s romance tastes sweeter than a milk honey,
Only when the free days come,
His love flows endlessly, when your heart makes countless steps,
Without fear and worries but with an availed courage,
For a King does not entertain a shilly-shallying heart.

My Empess

My empress,  my heart pounds,
Every time your perfumes fills my nostrils,
Your beauty exceeds that of a Queen Aphrodite,
The Greek’s Goddess of love.

I am a King, a King with no dominion over everything,
A lost man who seek to rule your beats,
When your heart makes countless steps,
And become my one and true Empress, my entire soul,
Be it your province and the secret chamber.

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For you have bewitched my eyelids,
And bestowed your breathe inside my chest,
So, i breath in your sight, day and night,
Though you’re not wholly in my safe arms yet.

Pure Hearts speaks common language.