In his interview with The Playlist Prof Jay says that he is highly inspired by Harmonize offerings to the society.

Following on the establish of Konde boy Mgahawa that will be delivering free food to Music fans, Prof Jay calls it as sharing to whatever you have with who do not have.

Moreover Prof Jay says that Harmonize has done something that it was never done before, he needs our supports so that he can do better than this. He has also expressed his deep feelings on what Harmonize has done, to leave WCB and establish his own icon (Konde Gang),

“Kama ameondoka kwa nidhamu na uzuri kabisa sidhani kama mashabiki wakasirike, ameamua kwenda kujitegemea nadhani wambless wampe nafasi na ni mmoja kati ya mabalozi wazuri sana wa mziki wetu wa Tanzania kwenda kwenye level nyingine” said Prof Jay

Prof Jay is one among the music legends in East Africa who started his carrier since 2001 since then up to now he has collaborated with various musicians including Harmonize in the track famously known as Yatapita.

Harmonize posted this on his Instagram page to express his deep Gratitude’s to the music legends who supports him he wrote “voice of the voiceless (emoji) legend.

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