Kissing has become a key factor towards many romantic relationships in the modern world, though some places do not conduct deep kiss like in Dubai UAE, Kissing in the public is illegal also in University of Zimbabwe No sex or Kissing is allowed this can lead even to a student expel. These places subjects that having a deep kiss is against their law.

In English times it was famously called as “Deep Kiss”, That involved the scratching of lips, in which participants extends tongues to touch each other’s lips or tongue.

Origin of French Kiss.

It was firstly known as “Maraichange” before the term French Kiss, it was highly practiced by Maraichins the inhabitants of Brittany in France dates back in 1923.

It all started with American and British Serviceman in France during WW1, By then These servicemen were fascinated in the way that French women were kissing with their beloved ones.

When they came back to their homelands they started kissing open mouthed like how they copied from French women, the term “French Kiss” came gained fame around 1923 years. The Fact is,

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Since then it was also included in English oxford Dictionary

In the same days Paris was also named as the “City of Love”

Sheril Kirshenbaum in her book called as The science of Kissing: What our lips are telling us, She writes that

The precise reason we use this term is unknown, but it’s possible that “French kiss” was adopted because American travelers were impressed by the affectionate nature of French women, who were more comfortable with open-mouthed kissing than their counterparts. According to anthropologist Vaughn Bryant, this led to a popular saying: “While in France get the girls to kiss you,” which later turned into “get a French kiss.

Why do we close our eyes when having a French Kiss?.

Our brains have different parts that controls our conscious and unconscious acts to most of us kissing is the conscious act but closing and opening of our eyes lies on the unconscious part of our brains.

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Here is what happens!

If you ask yourself, have you ever had a kiss? Do you close your eyes when kissing? Probably!. You’re one of the above. Now just drop a comment down, denying or admitting this, but The fact is,

99% of the worlds kissing challenges resulted into unconscious closing of eyes,

Psychologists at Royal Holloway University of London shows that the brain is unable to process another sense while concentrating on visual stimuli. Cognitive psychologists Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy found that, Tactile (sense of touch) awareness depends on the level of perceptive load in a concurrent visual tasks.

An analysis found that people were highly responsive to a tactile sense on their eyes more than visual senses, This phenomenon happens only when people do pleasurable things like sex, dancing and kissing. Human brains cope highly with tactile or touch sense that visual.

And with that reasoning, its why people are automatically closing eyes while kissing, so as to feel more touches than seeing the touch.

Actually kissing feels so good that the scientists says that a person who’s kissing may not be able to feel a phone’s vibration or even ringing.

Closing eyes while kissing is the same as letting the lips talk, putting aside all sorts of things and surrender to your partner whom you’re kissing with.

Why does French Kiss feels so Good?.

Our lips are made up of sensible ending nerves that makes kissing feel so good, In fact there some bodily reactions that happens every time we kiss

Kissing causes the chemical reactions to our brains including the overproduction of OXYTOCIN hormones, These hormones are essential for boosting a feeling of affection and attachment, the Fact is.

Due to this scientists referred oxytocin as the LOVE HORMONE

According to Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the Unites States of America (PNAS) done in 2013 wrote that Oxytocin hormones helps a man to have a strong bond with a partner and stay monogamous.

Moreover women experience the flood of Oxytocin during the birth giving time and during breastfeeding and this situation strengthens the love bond between a mother and a child.

Romantically, during kiss or when making love our brains are highly producing Dopamine hormones essential for creating the sense of wanting more, thus it is the reason we feel good when kissing

The Fact is

When kissing a new lover or friend for the first time, the production of Dopamine in our bodies becomes higher than the required standard, this makes us wanting more and more from the same person since our brains reminds us of what happened earlier by producing more Dopamine that leads to the force of attraction .

NB. Dopamine is only produced highly when we do the things that we automatically happen to like them much or the things that makes us happy and satisfying us

So the higher you like doing it, the more brain will trigger the production of dopamine, and in that way you’ll automatically become addicted to it.

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