Illuminati Refers to the conspiratorial organization that is said to mastermind current world affairs, thus both nation’s governments and multinational corporations are allegedly controlled by the Illuminati with their NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) policy.

Illuminati controls even the artistic industry in many nations but mostly the HOLLYWOOD, and they use it as the organ to spread and expand their legacy

Today let’s stick on “Don’t call me Angel” sung by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Lay released just two days and now has about 35 million YouTube views.

In this hit, there have been a massive use of satanic symbols and words that spreads illuminatism (evils).

From the song the Angels (Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Lay) denies the truth of being called as angels since Real Angels are living in heaven but they ain’t from there.
Here’s what’s going on.

Angels are living in heaven and originated from there but here Ariana Grande sings

Ain’t from no heaven

Ariana sings that she is the Angel but not that’s angel from the heaven, The holy books explains that Satan was once the angel but when sinned was expelled from heaven to the Earth (fallen Angel).

So there two angels legacies that operates, one from heaven, the other on earth. Ariana says she ain’t from no heaven. this means she is the angel of dark or embedded satanic side (fallen one) that’s why she doesn’t call herself as from heaven.

Here again Ariana Grande sings

Don’t ya know that i bite when the sun set

“BITE WHEN THE SUN SET” this phrase is only used by vampires who feeds on human or animal blood, this is done at night only. But the stars in Hollywood drinks blood only when you don’t see them, could be night or in hidden place Just like how Ariana sings there, they bite when the sun goes set.

Here lies the confirmation on what i have spoken earlier, that Ariana admits that she drinks the blood when sun set.This scene shows its already night and their leader is telling them that

Angels this is not our homeTime to go to work

From that scene Lana was seen drinking from a transparency glass with a black fluid in it (that’s typical evil), their master came and tell them that, its not their home. This means the night has come, and the sun has already set “time to go to work” equally to saying its time for them to drink the blood the things that is almost done by evil doers.

Ariana continues singing

You can’t pay my price

Who can pay that price she gave “selling her soul to the devil”?, Here Ariana admits that she sold her soul to the devil and none of you can afford doing the Same thing, same meanings were once learn from the songs done by,

Beyonce Knowles in Ape shit

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna in Fly

Katy perry in Dark Horse

Here again Lana del lay sings

I fell from heaven

Referring from the bible, only lucifer was the angel who was expelled from heaven together with some of the angels who followed her teachings, thus Lana del lay sings that she falls from heaven.

That means Lana works for the satan as one of the angels who were expelled from heaven this shows enslavement of satanism

And here she actually cementing that she lives like a devil this verse comes after saying that she fell from heaven,Lana del Lay is not one among the angels expelled from heaven by God but she portrays that side of those angels who were expelled with lucifer herself.

Actually we all need to be aware of what illuminati is and understanding its wings that has crossed over the nations

Don’t call me angel

If the singers denied of being called as angels what else should we call them?

Thanks for Reading.

Be Blessed.