Esma (Diamond’s sister) says she doesn’t like people who attacks her mother on social media especially Instagram. From her interview clip posted by Jicho la Uswazi Esma says

“Mimi sipendi mtu kumuattack mama yangu Instagram hicho ndicho kitu kinachonichukiza zaidi”

When Esma asked about the feuds that are spread by Mwijaku, The bongo movie actor gained fame after the release of Mahusiano film, Esma says that she even don’t recognize that man.

Despite of being told that Mwijaku is the one who speaks or throws harsh words to her mother yet Esma denies to know Mwijaku

Recently Mwijaku after gaining fame from Mahusiano film has been throwing different words to his fellow celebrities including Mama Dangote, He argues that Mama Dangote has married a youngest man with the Age as her son, something that isn’t right to African traditions

Not even a year Mama Dangote got married to her new youngest man since then there have been attacks from different people explain their view as to why that man agreed to Marry Mama Dangote who is older than him, some says its because of money, some says just true love that can emerge anywhere regardless of age including Mama Dangote, herself.

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