There millions benefits you get from falling in love, highly with the partner who gives you back the same love as you do.

Being in love makes you feel less stressed, highly safe and develop a trust upon your partner There are couple of things or signs that may probably make you feel in true love with one another,

Having deeply positive attitudes against the one you feel to love

Having positive attitudes towards our fellows is what most (if not all) religions teaches us everyday, but this is very different to the one whom you truly romantically love. You’ll probably have that deep positive attitudes affected with passion and compassion, always thinking about the good deeds to the one whom you truly love.

Extreme Attraction

Going through same hardships in life may largely increase romantic attraction to your partner, the studies have shown that love circumstances stimulate highly production of neurotransmitter dopamine that is responsible for brain affection, large percent of our daily life is controlled by brain functions thus it triggers the emotional stability towards our partners

Emotional Dependency

Falling in love creates natural dependency over the partners, such feelings of not having self authority, feeling of anxiety not able to stay alone, all are working under emotional dependency.

Back to the question ahead of us, Can love make us physically sick?

According to the studies done by Richard Schwartz The associate Professor of Psychiatric at Harvard Medical School HMS,

He said ” Its never been proven that love makes you physically sick, though it does raise the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that has been shown to suppress immune function”

From this you can see its not yet proven whether love can directly makes one sick but in one way or another it can influence sickness on one’s body.

I, regularly have been asking my friends how do they feel when they broke up with their beloved ones.

Most of them said “i feel like i have lost everything, all my dreams and everything we planned have already gone” this proves a sense of dependency and trust to your partner thus when you break up it feels like you have nothing left for you to do.

Same reason triggers people to develop an attitude of starting a revenge to the other or upcoming love, but the best thing is, “when the new love comes and cherish well the one whose heart was broken, most of them forgets their past sorrows and replan the future again, they forgive and creates new attitudes. Contrary to this…

If it happens a person whose heart was broke earlier and never finds a true love again there is a high chance for him/her to wage a emotional war against all upcoming love.

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy or stress cardiomyopathy is the type of non- ischemic cardiomyopathy in which there is a sudden temporary weakening of muscular portion of heart.

This weakening may be triggered by emotional stress such as death of love one, break ups and rejection from a partner.

This proves that undergoing one or all of those above mentioned stress may cause you to suffer or illness.

All this can be termed as love diseases that always affects our mindset than our physical abilities.

Thanks for reading with us

Be blessed.